Gibberlings in Lowford!

The party chose to rest the night in Lowford and investigate whatever it was that threatened the village in the night. Following a meal and several hours rest the village came under attack from a small horde of gibberlings who were noted to be much older and more dangerous than the usual creatures.

During this engagement Keldorn was knocked unconcious, but managed to escape death thanks to the attentions of his companions, especially the ranger Chaedi.

Having seen off the gibberling menace, the party rested the remainder of the night in Lowford before tracking the gibberlings to their lair; a cave hidden out in the woods east of the village. Here they attacked the monsters, catching them by surprise in the daylight.

Upon entering the lair they encountered the gibberling patriarch, a huge example of his kind who put up a significant fight. He was however dispatched without too much trouble. The gibberlings had, through their killing of travellers on the road amassed a small horde of trinkets and magical items, from which each member of the party took the most appropriate.



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