The Adventure Continues

Following their victory over Acherus within the Highford Crypt the party spent the night at Highford before travelling downriver in a fisherman’s boat to the village of Lowford. Here they encountered the Lowford Village Elder who told them of strange goings on both at the Lowford Crypt and in the village at night.

The village elder explained that several weeks ago the body of a strange mage had been found in the woods and hastily buried in the crypt, after which the undead had begun to rise and plague the nearby countryside. He gave to the party a grimoire bound in human flesh and full of strange ritual markings, as well as a receipt for a room at the Friendly Noose Inn and a strange note, covered in the same symbols as the grimoire.

The party ventured out to the crypt, encountering a small force of zombies but were unable to gain access to the tomb; a heavy ward had been placed over the entrance which none of them were able to breach.

Having cleared the graveyard of the walking dead the party returned to Lowford, where the village elder informed them that the undead were not the only problem plaguing the village.



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