Keepers of the Balance

A group of radical druids found in the County of Highford, determined to end logging operations in the region and highly critical of civilisation.

Despite the usually peaceful actions, even of druids who favour this radical view, the Keepers of the Balance are known for their violence, deeming it to be the only guarantee of the safety of the natural world. A number of loggers have been found dead over recent years in the depths of the forests, seemingly killed by wild animals, save for the odd spell burn or green vines twisting through their veins.

More recently their victims have been found mutilated, their chests carved open and their hearts placed into their mouths. In these cases they are found on the altars of old henges, buried deep in the woods of the county, left there since time immemorial.

Who leads the Keepers is unknown although they are certainly well organised and committed to their cause. It is uncertain if Arashan Thornweaver is the leader of the circle, or merely a lieutenant or enforcer of the Keepers twisted justice.

They view any druid who sides with the civilised world to be a traitor to the principles of the druidic way of life, punishable only by death.

Keepers of the Balance

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